"The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity"

“The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” 

General Nathan Twining, Chairman, Joints Chiefs of Staff Sept. 23, 1947.

“I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.” 

President Harry S. Truman, Press Conference, Washing DC, April 4, 1950.

“(UFOs) are conceived and directed by intelligent beings. They probably do not originate in our solar system.”

[A few years later]

“We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped.”

[asked for clarification]

“The people of other worlds.” 

Dr. Herman Oberth, 1954 (father of modern rocketry).

“We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them.” 

General Benjamin Chidlaw, US Eastern Air Defense, Air Defense Command.

” When that truth of alien intervention in our planet’s affairs and our ongoing contact with an alien culture is finally revealed, it won’t be frightening even though it will be a shock.”

Colonel Philip Corso, who served on President Eisenhower’s
National Security Council staff (1997)

“Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds and controlled by thinking intelligence.” 

Navy Admiral Delmar Fahrney, 1957 public statement.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss the governments knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO’s at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject!”

 President Richard M. Nixon

“I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one. It was the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors and it was about the size of the moon.. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never make fun of people who say they’ve seen unidentified objects in the sky. If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists.” 

Former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter (describing an alleged UFO sighting he had in October of 1969 to reporters while campaigning in 1976).

“I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, Have you ever seen anything like that? He was shocked and he said, “Nope.” And I said to him: “Let’s follow it!” We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it.”  

President Ronald Reagan (Describing his 1974 UFO encounter to veteran newsman Norman C. Miller, then Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.)

“The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously.”  

Mikhail Gorbachev

“I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth.”  

Colonel L. Gordon Cooper (Mercury 9,Gemini-5 Astronaut)

“We have contact with alien cultures.”

 Astronaut Dr. Brian O’leary

“We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from, and what do they want?”

 Apollo 14 Astronaut Capt. Edgar Mitchell

“I’ve been asked about UFO’s and I’ve said publicly I thought they were somebody else, some other civilization.”  

Commander Eugene Cernan, Commanded the Apollo 17 Mission. (LA TIMES, 1973)

“Mission control, We have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions!” 

Astronaut Cady Coleman NASA transmission shuttle mission STS-73

“In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone!”   

NASA Astronaut Charles J. Camarda Ph.D.

“After the plane from Roswell arrived with the material I asked the base commander to personally transport it in a B-26 to Major General McMullen in Washington DC.  The entire operation was conducted under strictest secrecy.  The weather balloon explanation for the material was a cover story to divert the attention of the press”.  

Brigadier General Thomas Dubose, Commanding Officer of Wright Patterson Air Force Base  (Affadavit 09/16/01)