"The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity"

It is our goal to start having public meetings soon. However, due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, this has been placed on hold.


Oklahoma MUFON – meets via Zoom from 2- 4 PM on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Next meeting is December 18th where we will share some cases and look at a few stats in Oklahoma. If you would like to attend, please submit your info below to be added to our email list.  You will receive an email invite and Zoom link prior to the meeting. Oklahoma MUFON reserves the right to mute or remove anyone being disruptive or disrespectful to others during our meetings. The following are some of our meeting rules:

  • Please be courteous to others who are speaking
  • Leave Mics muted unless you are actively speaking
  • Leave time for others to speak
  • Don’t give advice, referrals or judge others based on their views
  • Opinions are fine and can be expressed professionally; however, this is not a place for debates
  • If you think you have all the answers to the UFO phenomenon then there’s no reason to attend
  • Don’t share personal information on this platform

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Oklahoma MUFON Public Zoom Meeting!

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